Stuff about Siana

  • I write various weird things involving mad science, magic and things that unexpectedly glow. I've written somewhere between 17 and 19 of these things (I'll come up with a definite number some time soon), but only a few have ever gone beyond the first draft.
  • I'm a metal addict. My favourite band is Poisonblack and I have a revolving no-particular-order list of other things I like to listento. Fairly stable members of this list are Dark Tranquillity, Helloween, Dark Fortress, anything with Roy Khan in it and anything with Jorn Lande in it.
  • I work in a family-run goat dairy, milking a herd of about 50 goats to supply a local cheesemaker, so I can probably answer just about any goat-related question anyone might have. I usually try to have various breeds of goat in my stories in place of sheep and cows.
  • Right now I'm experimenting with the most chaos-driven writing approach I could find - non-linear pantsing. There are many complicated reasons for this, none of which make sense even to me. Short version: burnout, doom and gloom, introspection, embrace insanity.
  • I'm very slow at watching movies and reading currently-popular books. I miss a lot of pop culture references and deliberately hide from conversations that might give spoilers for something I want to watch or read in the future.
  • I also have a muse. His name is Scott Burns and if I'm honest with myself I'll call him 100% pure imagination candy. He's cranky, needy and more than a little broody, although I'm never sure if 'broody' means a hen trying to hatch chickens or a grumpy guy who leans against the wall with his arms folded and glares at everyone so that we assume he's thinking deep thoughts. Scott has it covered on both points, though. Protective and irritable is an odd combination.

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