Monday, 21 March 2011

Siana sucks at posting...

I officially promise that I'm going to do better...

Over the next few weeks (possibly a month or so) I'm going to completely redesign this blog and actually start using it. New topics that you can expect to read about include:

  • My works in progress

  • My current activities. Mostly, this means comments on whatever WriMo I'm participating in at the time.

  • Writing techniques. This is YeoWDam't and if I can't learn a lot about writing throughout the year there really isn't a lot of point doing it.

  • Writing resources. This includes lists of websites that give better advice than me, software reviews and all stuff like that.

  • Humour. Being me, this is going to involve stuff like interviews with characters, joke writing advice and possibly the odd non-serious short story...

Watch this space for more information about the redesign and new content.

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