Thursday, 21 July 2011

Random Blather

Okay, so I should update my blog more often. I should make that new theme I've been thinking about making. I should do a whole bunch of different things. However, I have done a whole bunch of stuff this year. so I think I should be excused. Still, I will try to mend my ways.

So far this year:

JanNoWriMo: No Light in the Dark (95k)

FebNoWriMo/MarNoWriMo: Dispersion (122k)

April Fools/MayNoWriMo: Night Without Stars (76k)

April Fools/MayNoWriMo: Hope (86k)

WriDaNoJu: Dark Star (100k)

JulNoWriMo: Broken Mirror (41k and counting...)

FebNoWriMo was a loss by 2k and MayNoWriMo was only barely a win, but other than that the year has been going pretty well and I've written 664k of my planned 1 million words. I feel good about that.

Anyway, blog updates will soon be forthcoming, more writing will be done and... and there probably isn't really an 'and'. Oh, Leroy said he's going to start posting as well. I'll let him introduce himself, though...

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