Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A writer's confession

So, it seems it's my turn to come up with the post for the WriYe blogging circle. I've been thinking about this for a while and never quite getting my head around a topic. That would be why I post so often, wouldn't it? I could just talk about that, but that's boring, so here's what I'm going to do instead:

I'm going to invite the people of the WriYe blogging circle to make a confession about their writing.
Anything you like - something about your style, a book you secretly love to read (your own or someone else's), the fact that you can't write sex scenes while your cat is looking at you... Seriously, anything at all provided it's about your writing.

Here is my confession:

I call myself a 'Pantser' when I probably have no right to the title. I just started using a new piece of software (Scrivener this month) and I loaded all the notes and background material for my two current WIPs into it. One of them has 10k of notes and background material. The other has 12k. This is actually normal for my writing process - I might only spend a week or so in preparation and then write the draft in 1-2 months, but I do a serious amount of thinking and planning while I'm writing. I mean, that's over 20k of planning just for two stories.

Last year I wrote a million words for WriYe. That included 12 first drafts between 60k and 80k, which is somewhere around 850k. The remaining 150k was spent on planning and brainstorming. That's an average of 12.5k a month. More frighteningly, it's the equivalent of two 75k first drafts. The 'Pantser' writes over 12k of planning material before and during every first draft? Like hell.

So what am I? In WriMo parlance, a 'Planner' is someone who writes from an outline. I definitely don't do that. A 'Pantser' is supposed to be someone who dives into the story with little or no preparation of any kind. I am some kind of weird hybrid creature who has no idea where she belongs.

My name is Siana Blackwood and I plan as I go.


  1. Huh, that's actually really interesting. I would still call you a pantser, though, I think. Your way of thinking about it seems more on the pantser's side of things, but yeah... Definitely not all the way like some people are. That's really cool, though!

    And I love this topic. Can't wait to post about it myself. [:

  2. Siana! You are a pantser...I have to agree with Erin. My take on Planners are folks that plan every last detail out, outline it, and then work their way through their manuscript following their outline to a T (she types this as she shudders in utter dislike of all that planning...). I just write. Things that pop into my mind about the story along the way get index carded. That's the extent of my planning LOL.

    We'll have to create a new term -- "Plantsers": a combination of a Planner and a Pantser. LOL!!