Wednesday, 17 October 2012

NaNo Prep 2012: an introduction

For some reason I decided try blogging every day during NaNoWriMo 2012. I can see why - it was a resounding success during Camp NaNo earlier this year. Well, I'm doing it anyway. Fun times lie ahead, everyone. Now, on with the introduction.

The last two years I've written a complete 75k draft during November, which isn't going to happen this year. I've just started rewriting The Frozen Tear for the WIP-from-hell challenge and since I really want to get that done I've decided to be a NaNo Rebel and continue the rewrite rather than starting something fresh. I'm still aiming for the 75k, though.

So what is Frozen Tear? In 2010 it was my first NaNo draft and at the time I thought it was pretty good. No concrete antagonist, an average scene length of a couple of hundred words and some weird jumps as I tried to figure out who should be the POV character for a given scene, but at least it mapped out a story from start to finish.

The storyline involves a quest to find seven keys and unravel an enchantment, destroying the Fire Demon and stealing the source of his power (the Frozen Tear) and then preventing the End of All Days. Nothing is quite how it seems, though, because my 'prophet' has no idea who is really controlling him.

Anyway, I'm rewriting Frozen Tear, aiming to get at least 40k written in October, 75k written in November and the remainder during NaNoFiMo in December...

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  1. This is the year for defeating those hellish WIPs. We will triumph!