Monday, 30 January 2012

The humble sidekick

This week for the WriYe blogging circle we're talking about sidekicks and I have no idea what to say, but I'm muddling my way through it anyway. Yep, best post introduction I've ever written.

The sidekicks in my writing are generally there to give the hero a hard time, usually by teasing and nicknaming. They stand between the hero and insanity, nudging a character poised between darkness and light a little closer to the light. They're the comic relief. They're the person who will always butt in with exactly the wrong (or right) comment to disperse an awkward silence. They're at the hero's side when the time comes for that potentially world-destroying battle at the end of the story. Without the sidekick, a frightening number of my heroes would end up either dead or more evil than the guy they just defeated.

After that description, I can't imagine anyone being surprised to hear that my heroes and sidekicks don't always have the friendliest relationships in the world. Sidekicks are necessary, though, because where would the story be without the guy who can be trusted to ask the awkward question or break the awkward silence?

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