Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Siana Blackwood's insane plan

A random picture of Gypsy the kitten.
I'm trying to get my writing life in some kind of order, so I spent part of yesterday typing random stuff until I started to draw conclusions about myself. It works surprisingly well - everyone should try it once in a while. I call it 'wandering down the psycho path' after a joke I heard once:

Q: How do crazy people get from place to place?

A: They take the psycho path!

Anyway, the result of my rambling was that I realised that in addition to my JulNoWriMo campaign, I'd like to be able to add bits and pieces to five other projects. Thus, the insane plan was born.
  • Mondays and Thursdays: Blog post, general administrative tasks

  • Tuesdays: Work on tidying up and finishing my dodgy outer-space adventure

  • Wednesdays: Preparation for what's probably going to be my major project during August, September and October (more about that coming soon). Once August starts, I guess I'll drop Seeker into the Wednesday slot.

  • Fridays: NaNoWriMo preparation. I actually have an idea that I'm saving for November.

  • Saturdays: Work on my revision and expansion of The Frozen Tear, which is the only one of these projects to actually have a page on this site.

  • Sundays: (maybe) Preparation for a complete reworking of the one and only paranormal romance in my collection.

  • Every day: Before I touch any of these other projects, I have to reach my daily goal for the Main Project.

I'm doing well with this plan already, since I'm posting this at 8:30 on Tuesday morning... and I've only written about 250 words for JulNoWriMo so far today. Anyway, I have a plan. Having a plan is better than just flailing and hoping  for the best but expecting the worst, right?

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