Monday, 5 November 2012

The Frozen Tear

I have no idea what to post today. Actually, yes I do: the 'probably won't be changed much until after I've finished the draft' version of the synopsis for The Frozen Tear, my NaNoWriMo novel.

Her name is Serenity Lee. When she was nine years old the man who offered to be her father told her she'd be all right if she was careful. All she had to do was live quietly and never let anyone see her bleed. Then he was killed and Serenity had to find her own way. She became a mercenary, an adventure and an occasional pirate - and although she was careful about what she revealed most of the people around her still wondered if she was a demon.

Serenity was doing all right until Ryan Eldred and his pet sorcerer Kerwyn came along. She only saved their lives because she had a score to settle with the gang who caught them, but Ryan seemed to think it meant Serenity was a part of a prophecy that was the only chance of averting the apocalypse.

There were too many holes in Ryan's story and too many sorcerers involved for Serenity's peace of mind, so she turned the job down. Within hours of the refusal she was dragged into the town square, accused of being a demon and sentenced to death by burning. She was saved from the stake by Ryan and Kerwyn, leaving her with no place to go except on their quest.

Find the Seven Keys, reclaim the Frozen Tear and avert an apocalypse that still made no more sense than before. They also have to avoid all the people who want to carry out Serenity's execution. They have to hide from the Cult of Marihan, who see capturing the Chosen One as the fastest way to bring about the New Order they desire. Then there's Marihan himself, drifting in their general vicinity and only giving hints of what he might want.

Serenity could have handled all that a lot better if she wasn't so sure Kerwyn had been playing her from the moment she laid eyes on him.

No, it doesn't tell you much about the story. Nor does it sound much like it's the same story from the original 2010 synopsis, which is a big part of why it doesn't tell you much about the story. However, it does give me one important thing: a way of measuring 'success'. When I've written the story to go with this synopsis, that's reaching a milestone.

124,790 words to go.

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