Sunday, 10 June 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10: I almost broke my character

Day 10: This is an advance apology to Toby. He deserves about a million of them.

Day 10 was that word I still haven't found that describes the state of mind of a writer who wouldn't like to call what she does to her characters 'fun'. I didn't quite shatter my main character, which surprises me a little. I put him in a position where I expected him to crack and he saved himself by going into a state of complete retreat.

No, that's not breaking. When Toby Moonstone breaks, it's going to be more impressive than that. It's going to take something huge and dramatic to get him working again after the break. The whole sequence is going to leave the character changed forever and the author in a kind of morbid afterglow that's going to produce some very strange forum and blog posts.

By the way, if you want to read some of the already-strange forum posts, I talk about my current work on NaNoPlotMo and Arrow of Eloquence. They're going to get more alarming as the month progresses - if you don't believe that, just read over my progress threads and keep an eye on the dates. Joining PlotMo or AofE to talk to me also has the benefit that I'll have someone to talk to, which would be nice.

So anyway, I'm hard at work setting up my character to fall further than he could ever imagine was possible. I've written 21,000 words, ten blog posts and I haven't been counting forum activity. The good news? I still haven't broken out the glittery Doom and Gloom image.

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